Famitsu online store gets exclusive MGSPW DX Pack in Japan

As you all know, Peace Walker releases on 29th August 2010 in Japan. On Famitsu’s online shop “Ebten”, they have started pre-orders of limited sets of Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker Famitsu DX Pack which will contain a copy of MGS:PW, the Original Jigsaw Puzzle “LOVE & PIECE” and the Original Water Bottle “PEACE WATER”.

The Original Jigsaw Puzzle “LOVE & PIECE” is a 500×750 sized, 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle which will resemble the original CG design show below. It also comes with an illustration print mini-clear poster of the full puzzle.

The Original Water Bottle “PEACE WATER” looks like a matte black aluminum body canteen with a stylized Peace Walker logo in yellow.

For those MGS fans in Japan, you guys better get this before stocks are out! Click here ( to pre-order. I don’t really mind if I get the puzzle or not but damn I would love to get my hands on the bottle 😀 I hope it does come outside Japan, please make it happen KojiPro and Konami!


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