Daily Ramblings: 28/2/2010

Today is the last day of Feburary, which means the last day of my 3 day epic holiday XD Well I still have Saturdays and Sundays and everyday after 6pm so it’s not so bad! I played a bit of SoulSilver, managing to beat Red just barely and collecting a Charmander along the way. Just right infront of Groudon and fight him soon. Also, spent quite a lot on Snake Eater, going from the torture scene to just after the chase sequence with EVA. That section is one of my personal favorites in the entire game, going half naked around a fully fortified fortress (or is it? :P) and then fighting a ghost, getting your gear back and storm back in kicking indescribable amount of ass!

Just some minutes back, I stumbled upon an article via a retweet of another retweet. It’s basically about the “Press Start” Screen in games. Do we actually need a redundant Press Start screen at the start of the game when we could simply just go to the main menu? You can read the article here:
Work starts tomorrow =/ Let’s see how it plays out…I’ll give my “Crimpressions” tomorrow 😛 Until then, have a good day/evening!

Picture note: Today’s pic is from Pixiv again, caught my eye the instant I saw it XD Big Boss and Zhou Tai fighting for Sun Quan’s love!


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