Super Street Fighter IV Update: SF3 character movesets, gameplay notes all oiled up

From recent news, it seems that there have been quite a number of leaks about Super Street Fighter IV (SSFIV).

First of all, someone has leaked out the full moveset of Ibuki, Dudley and Makoto, you can check them out here:

Also,  some gameplay notes of the new characters:

• EX-Zonk Knuckle has a lot of invincible frames.

C. Viper
• Medium Thunder Knuckle was nerfed, more recovery frames.

• Jet Uppercut -> Focus Attack Dash Cancel -> Corkscrew Cross Ultra does not connect for full damage/hits.

• Oil Coaster Ultra 1: 720 motion + 3x Punch
• Oil Combination Hold, Ultra 2: Down, Down + 3x Kick.

• Followups on her divekick are called “Second Impact” and “Third Strike”.

• EX-Karakusa (Grab and Choke) has super armor.
• EX-Oroshi (Overhead Chop) startup has invincible frames just like Viper’s EX-Seismo Hammer.

M. Bison
• You can control the distance of his 2nd Ultra, similar to El Fuerte’s Ultra 1.

• Color 11 is like the “ink” (Street Fighter 4 official artwork style).
• Color 12 is a pencil sketch (Super Street Fighter 4 official artwork style).
• Character colors and taunts are unlocked by playing the character.

Last but not least…Hakan!?



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