Daily Ramblings: 5/3/10: OMGWTFOROBBQ Update!

Yes, all my ramblings posts have to start with a funny image, even if it’s Japanese or I just searched for something at the last minute.
ANYWAYS.  Hokuto Musou’s official site has updated a sports a fresh new look with alot of new content! Only these guys are playable though:


Not so bad since I get my Souther eitherways 😀

They also updated with wallpapers, will be downloading them all soon, at least I got a sweet new Wall! ( and I don’t have to mention who it is of 😉 ) SO MUCH HOKUTO MUSOU CONTENT THIS PAST FEW DAYS  IFEEL LIKE I’M GOING TO EXPLODE SOON XD

Also, Kojima Productions have update their blog with a short PV of MGSPW too:

Nothing special but it’ll do 🙂

Famitsu scans will come on Sunday so check back then!
Picture Note:

That is of Shu and Souther. Souther’s in the box obviously with  a funny connection of him to Snake if you know what I mean 😉

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