Super Street Fighter IV Update: All oiled up

Well today on Famitsu, they have finally announced Hakan and boy oh boy, I am really liking him.

Wow, just wow. I instantly fell in love with him after looking at the trailer XD. He’s just so funny and epic! His ultras! He’ll violate you in every possible way 🙂 take a look!

Also, thanks to Eventhubs, here are some updates of SSFIV from the latest build:

Abel: Crouching Hard Kick is faster. His Ultra 2 can’t combo but its fast and has armor if you hold the button, it looks to be very good.

Adon: He seems very weak. Both ultras are hard to use. Jaguar Tooth and Jaguar Kick are both unsafe on block. Aerial Jaguar Kick might be safe. EX-Jaguar Kick is safe on block. Has a very good overhead though, one of the best.

Akuma: No known nerfs. Many of the nerfs from earlier builds were reverted. Infinite is gone, but you can still combo after far Standing Hard Kick again. Light Punch cannot link to Hard Kick anymore though, so you cant loop it. Level 2 Focus Attack into new ultra whiffs, but works from Level 3 Focus. EX-Air Fireball into Ultra 2 will combo.

Balrog (Boxer): Ultra 2 can be jumped out of on reaction after activation. His Ultra 2 is bad, it has terrible range. Seemed too hard to land to be worth giving up his Ultra 1.

Blanka: Seemed the same, his Ultra 2 isn’t that great. He can be thrown out of it.

Cammy: Spiral Arrow (Cannon Drill) got a little better. Cannon Spike (Dragon Punch) damage nerfed pretty hard. Her Ultra 2 is terrible, it can be broken by moves that are Armor Breaking.

Chun-Li:- She got ‘infinitely better’. Her Ultra 2 combos easily, all day. Up Kicks target combo goes into Ultra 2, as well as EX-Lightning Legs anywhere on the screen. It’s very dangerous. Ultra 2 gets all 20 hits every time, if it whiffs for a while and you get hit by the very end of it, you still take the full damage.

Cody: He can only Focus Attack Dash Cancel his Tornado Uppercut on first hit and the tornado wont come out. He cannot combo Ultra after it. Has 3 levels of charge on his Zonk Knuckle, and its really really good and annoying. He says BINGO every time he does it. You can combo into it too. Hard Ruffian Kick is good.

C. Viper: No notable changes. She can land her Ultra 2 off EX-Seismo Hammer if you are fast. The recovery from Ultra 2 is ok. Rumors of Medium Punch Thunder Knuckle nerf are untrue or reversed, if its slower — its only by a frame or two.

Dan: Dan is secretly way better now, he got what he needed. Dragon Punch, Focus Attack Dash Cancel, Ultra 2 is strong. His fireball goes 60% of the screen now. The rest seems untouched, but this is ‘all he needed’ to be a contender.

Dee Jay: He seems decent. Nothing too bad, nothing too good. Reminds you of Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo in that way.

Dhalsim: He seemed the same. His Ultra 2 hit box is pretty small. Super hard to hit with.

Dudley: Not much to add to Justin Wong’s video, but he is probably #1 in the game.

El Fuerte: His normal moves are all faster now. Ultra 2 is extremely good.

E. Honda: Noticed no changes, but opponents can’t jump away on reaction to Ultra 2 once it’s activated.

Fei Long: Changes not apparent. Counter Ultra can be broken by an Armor Breaking attack.

Gen: Only nerfs found so far, no chain combos, no Standing Medium Kick, Cancel into Hands at all. EX-Wall Dive lost some invincibility.

Gouken: No known nerfs. Ultra 2 is still blockable, but backthrow into 5 hits of it into wallbounce into more fun works.

Guile: He seems to have been given nothing. Sonic Hurricane, his Ultra 2 is not good. Super into Ultra 2 is the only known combo into it. Down+Taunt puts on glasses, but doesn’t give him any buffs or advantages.

Guy: Feels slow. Has cool chain combos into his Super. EX-Spin Kick is vertical. EX-Shoulder is his best move, super fast.

Ibuki: Slide does not go under fireballs, air dagger throw doesn’t cancel out fireballs.

Juri: Kara throw is good with Hard Punch. MrWizard could only find a 5 hit Custom Combo in Ultra 1 mode without Focus Attack Dash Canceling. Ultra 1 mode is really long in duration. EX-Wheel Kick seems to have a nearly instant startup. Hitpoints seemed close to Ibuki’s, but it was hard to tell.

Ken: He is not looking good, they didn’t give him much. He cannot Focus Attack Dash Cancel to Ultra 2 normally. He didn’t get crazy kicks from previous SF games. They slightly improved his fireball.

Makoto: EX grab has 1 hit of armor! Outside of this, nothing to add to JWong’s video.

M. Bison (Dictator): Jumping Medium Punch into Ultra 2 works. Its not a charge motion so its very handy. Ultra 2 is a blockable stomp attack, and it can crossup! It hits hard, too! No known nerfs.

Rose: She can juggle off Soul Reflect into Soul Throw or Ultra 1 or EX-Fireball. Ultra 2 is very good. Can corner juggle into orbs. Each orb can hit once before it dissipates, including on block. They do about 20% damage each when your ultra meter is full. MrWizard noted that he needs to check what happens when projectiles hit them. When the orbs activate, there is a delay before you can do special moves again, including throw. They delay felt like 3-4 seconds. Orbs cross up very easy. Rose seemed powerful.

Rufus: EX-Messiah Kick is not as good, but still good. A few frames less on invincibility, and less damage. EX-Snake Strike damage is way down. Ultra 2 doesn’t seem to combo well. Ultra 2 is a good anti-crossup or anti-air move, but that’s about it. Has to work more for wins now.

Ryu: Ryu’s Medium and Hard Dragon Punches hit twice now. Damage is down on it, but if you Focus Attack Dash Cancel, you only get one hit from it, so damage is down even farther. Trades into Ultra from Dragon Punches are gone, and most trades into Ultra from Street Fighter 4 are gone, but not all. Puts you in a floaty state, and you can’t combo after wards.

Sagat: He does marginal less damage overall. Scar-uppercut does double damage, nothing more. If you do scar move, you can’t do it again until you uppercut, but you can store the powered up state the entire round if you want. Towards + Hard Kick still puts your opponent into a juggle state.

Sakura: Her crossup Jumping Medium Kick is back. Very good cross up move. Makes her feel more like Sakura again. Ultra 2 is the best choice, it’s two ultras in one. Okay damage, easy to combo, can aim it up or forward. EX-Hurricane Kick to Ultra is simple as hell.

Seth: Everything is the same, except his Focus Attack takes longer to hit at Level 2 now, it’s not very good. Ultra 2 can combo anywhere you could combo stomps and does good damage.

T. Hawk: Condor Dive is his armor breaker. Tomahawk Buster (Dragon Punch) cannot be Focus Attack Dash Canceled at all, ever. Ultra 2 is bad, very, very, hard to hit. Feels slower than Zangief but stronger. His normals are very good.

Vega (Claw): Seemed the same. His Claw stays on a lot longer now, though. EX-Wall Dive off the wall doesn’t go through opponent anymore.

Zangief: Very similar. He could Lariat trade into Ultra 2 in earlier builds, but he cannot anymore. Rufus and tall characters can block his Lariat low and punish with a Crouching Hard Kick.

Hakan: Seems OK at first. Has a 360 move where he puts you in his arms and squeezes you out with oil slicked body. you fly across the screen at a 45 degree angle. He can slide along the ground face first and hit punch during for a followup (only when oiled up). Has an air grab where he belly flops. Dragon Punch motion + Kick puts on more oil.

He takes out both hands and dumps oil on himself and it looks funny. He then glows white. When he has oil, he is 200% better. putting oil on takes half a second, and its duration based. EX-Oil lasts a long time. In non-oil mode, he is like Zangief. When he is in Oil Mode, he can chain everything, like Crouching Light Kick 4x into Medium Punch.

Moves in oil mode have more range, including 360. Front and backdash are better in oil mode too. All of his pokes have neutral and toward versions. Has a ‘trap’ ultra, where he lays down, and if you step on him, he grabs you. You cannot touch him at all, even if not attacking. You slip on his stomach like its ice. Then he 69s you as you slide along the ground and you fly out his buttocks.

The 2nd ultra is comedy as well. 720 motion, throws you up in the air and you board the OIL COASTER. You ride him going around his body till you are ejected into a wall at the end.

His Super is double fireball with kick. Its a leaping grab that’s crouchable, like Alex DDT he leaps at you.


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