Daily games roundup: GDC Sony Presscon, Peace Walker

Today was the first day of the Games Developer’s Conference, and during the Sony Press Conference, they finally named the Playstation Motion Controller as the Playstation Move. It will go on retail this fall in the US for less than $100.

They demoed the various new games coming out for the Move and some current games that will support the functionality. You can see all the trailers and previews over at IGN mainly because I’m in freaking Singapore and I can’t possibly appear at the event. Go take a look here!

Aside from GDC, Kojima Prouctions recently released a new trailer for Peace Walker showing some of the new features of the game that we have yet to see. This would include:

-Stealth Mat which acts as a one-time use Stealth Camouflage

-Analyser which checks the stats of the enemies. Good to help you to decide whether you want to recruit the character or not

-Decoy. It pretty much speaks for itself XD Snake releases a decoy of him to fool the enemy

-Supply Marker. It sends a cardboard box to a location infront of you to send supplies, can also act like the care package kill from Modern Warfare 2.

You can see the trailer here 🙂 (I’d recommend you see in 720HD to maximise viewing pleasure!)

Last but not least I will probably give my “Crimpressions” of  Megaman 10, assuming Playstation US freaking updates in time D:



2 responses

  1. God-Like Phoenix

    That Playstation Move is just Sony’s take on the Wii Remote, and it is just blatenly obvious that this is what they have done. Originality FTW!!! (^.^)

    March 12, 2010 at 11:27 am

    • I’ll have you know Sony had the technology 5 years before the Wii :p

      March 17, 2010 at 9:25 pm

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