Daily Ramblings: 17/03/2010

Wow, haven’t updated in a while due to busy-ness. Exam’s results are up on Friday an I’m probably shitting in my pants as we speak. Been a good day. The next Peace Walker trailer will be up tomorrow so expect a blog update about that 😉 And Famitsu did confirm new Peace Walker info for next week so I’m excited!!! Then SW3 has FINALLY been announced for May in UK and Fall in US which is god knows when since it’s summer all year round here. To think I was almost going to sell my Wii…
Aside from that,  well I’ll be meeting up with two groups of people this weekend =D On Saturday,  I will be meeting Julia and she’ll be giving me the TGS MGS swag Chin wanted to send to me for a while XD I should repay her with lunch or something :D! And on Sunday, my relatives from US will be visiting and we’ll definitely be having an epic time!

Not to forget, next week is the release of Hokuto Musou! If you don’t buy it, then you’re already dead! Tune in tomorrow for some Peace Walker.

Today’s banner is something I scanned from Famitsu,  I really love the advert so I just had to show it :p


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