Daily Ramblings: 24/3/2010: Officeblogging special

I’m blogging from my office desk, awesome right?!

Been a while since I’ve posted something new here, been busy with work and stuff but I hope to update this everday at least once, even if it is crap!

Hokuto Musou is scheduled to be out tomorrow and its gonna be big…it’s gonna be good, and certainly, full of ATATATATATATATATATATATATATATATATATATATATATATATA WACHAAAAAAAAAAAA!

My Megaman 10 review SHOULD be up tonight and I’ve got a special Peace Walker update as soon as Famitsu scans arrive (or Ill have to scan it -_-). There’s a PV of Koi no Yokushiryoku up yesterday, I’ll link you guys later =)

About my office desk. It sucks. I have an ancient PC, and it’s bigger than 3 big files combined, full! o___o The bottom of the table has a funny part thingy which doesn’t allow me to sit properly sometimes =( And the chair, it’s fucking small, and you can’t adjust it much.

But it’s ok, already at the halfway point, just another half and I’m done with this!


*Picture note* Found this on Kotaku and Deviantart. Next time you see a box, don’t just go by it acknowledging it’s just a box. Who knows what can be inside :p ?


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