Daily Ramblings: 30/3/2010: The Thank You Shawn Edition (Don’t click this if you haven’t seen Raw)

Wrestlemania was just awesome. 4 hours of great fun and great matches. The one that stood out amongst them all is of course, the Taker vs HBK match. As most of you have known, Taker won the match which means Shawn Michaels’ career is over. It lasted for 25 years or so, and I’m pretty sure he had one hell of a ride through that 25 years.

It’s kinda sad to see him go now seeing that I only quite recently started to really like him and whatnot but that’s not that bad. My brother, he’s been a HBK fan his ENTIRE LIFE. He’ll probably be crying inside knowing his favorite superstar is finally retiring after all this years. Well, people move on and I’m sure he will move on too (he still has Jericho and Orton :D).

I don’t have much to say or anything else more fitting to say but….THANK YOU SHAWN MICHAELS!!!!! You’re awesome, and you’ve always been awesome! Thanks for entertaining us all the years, we will definitely miss you alot.

And now I leave you with a tear shed for one of the greatest in-ring performers of all time in the history of professional wrestling. =’)

(Tomorrow’s update will come by way of Famitsu scans and the goodies I received from Chin and Julia! :D)

~ Today’s pic was taken of this Monday’s RAW.  Two of the best buddies in WWE one last time in a WWE event.


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