Daily Ramblings: 4/4/2010: New features?

Ok so! My PS3 is FUCKING DEAD. YLOD. =( I might lose my 9th run MGS4 save 😦

Sad news but good thing is that I get to update my blog more XD I’ve sent it for repairs, hopefully I can somehow revive it and claim all my save data back, and get a new HDD to back it up just in case 😉 Might get a Slim but that’s still an option now, no confirmation of getting it. I like my Backwards Compatibility thank you very much 🙂

Sadness aside, I’ve just placed my order for the Heaven’s Divide/Koi no Yokushiryoku disc set, can’t wait for the 7th-10th for it to arrive :p!! I’ll order the OST, strap and accessory kit soon after 🙂

I have reviews for Megaman 10 and Hokuto but of course, they’re on hold until I get my PS3 back.

I’m going to add a new feature soon, which highlights the game releases of the month. It won’t be for all games but it will contain all the more common games 🙂 So you’ll see lists for all the consoles there. Yes! EVEN XBOX 360 =)

Last of all, here’s a pic of my latest MGS collection =D


Today’s photo was a pic of my Snake Cold War Camo figurine posing in front of Koei Warriors, awesome no? 😛 I’ll get more pics of him soon =)


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