Peace Walker OST Snippets

Well my OST review should be up sometime in the weekend once I’m done with my reports and tutorials, but In the meantime here’s some of my personal favorite tracks from the OST which I think are the ones which stand out the most, you might remember some of em from the trailer ^^ Don’t mind some of the tracks, they end faster than the time stated on the video.

First of all this is the main theme of Peace Walker. You’ve probably heard snippets of it in the trailers, now hear the full version!

Little Brother. Surprisingly more calmer than most of the tracks. A nice change of pace too. Note that this is done by Norihiko Hibino who did the MGS2 and 3 soundtrack who left KojiPro to form his own company. Nice to see him back!

Pupa boss fight ( the regular sized tank Metal Gear thing) . Fast paced fits the feel of the boss me thinks, since it’s charging at you non stop or something.

Something about this just screams awesome to me, I think this was in one of the trailers? Orthodox Metal? Really nice for an Alert theme.

Outer Heaven. Guess something really interesting happens when this plays.

Something dramatic happens here I think. Starting to middle is really good, ending is not so good, but the first half I really like!

You’ve definitely heard this before if you see the early trailers. My personal favorite track from the game.

You can see the rest of the tracks in the links of the yotube fella. Expect the review of the OST and in due time, the actual game itself to be out ^_^



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