LittleBigPlanet 2: External Crimpressions

Seeing as I have yet to get my hands on LBP2, and others from the popular games sites have, I shall be doing a sort of External Crimpressions where I sum up the impressions of the journalists from other game sites and post here so you guys can see all of the great stuff in one blog post 🙂 It won’t be anytime soon that I get to play it but soon as I do, you will see my very own!

– Each player has his own activity stream, something along the lines of a Twitter timeline which auto-updates whenever you do anything in LBP. The developers may update your stream with the good levels too

– Playlists where you can surf through levels through clips online, mobile apps and from the LBP2 website.

– The site will update with a new feature called LBP.ME which details all your activities. You can even search the game’s database for levels to play later. You can also add levels through QR codes.

– New background themes, improve lighting and textures, yet the LBP style from the previous game will still be kept here.

– All levels from the previous game will retain for this, and can be used the second you start playing, except more sharper and shinier.

– New gadgets like the grapple hook allows you to grab more surfaces and fly around like Batman would. The grapple hook can even be used on fellow sackboys >:D

– Spring pads make long jumps easier and can be used also as a form of pinball simulator, bouncing off any surfaces you have in your level. This is somewhat similar to those spring pads you see in Sonic games.

– NPCs (Non-playable characters), cinematics can be better controlled in this game through a thing called the “Direct Control”.

– A new feature, the Sackbot can become a sort of guide through the levels. You can customize them as you wish and put as many as you please in a level. You can assign AI behaviours, like programming to follow, flee or patrol areas. You can make them allies or enemies. Like the first game, you can use switches and whatnot to further improve the Sackbot AIs.

– The microchip replaces the switches and bolts on the NPC. It basically does whatever the aforementioned items does and yet, do not clutter the object so you can better design them without being obstructed by those switches and bolts. These microchips are not limited to anything as you can use them on any object in the game. You can even use them to make difficult boss AI!

– Sackbots have their own Popit menu for acting. This is tied to LBP2’s improved cinematics suite. The camera have more dynamic angles and multi-camera inter-cutting by capturing the NPC’s performances. In act mode, you directly control the Sackboy and make him do whatever you so desire in cutscene. This makes for more realistic game levels and scenarios. Voiceovers by the user can also be used in cutscenes.

– Direct control works somewhat like the microchip, you use this to reprogram the PS3’s controller to your fancy. When making a racing game, you reprogram the controller to you fancy, using any button you desire to work the vehicle. You also create vehicles to racing sections, scrolling shooters, and also RTS games! Yes, you can create HUDs for the RTS you’re making too.

– The ingame camera is more flexible now. You can choose to stick to the original setting, lock it behind objects, make it top down, tilt halfway through levels, whatever your creativity allows you to do.

– Keyboard and Mouse support is in the game, allowing you to create stuff with you mouse and even navigate the Popit with it

You can also view screenshots of the game over at IGN and Eurogamer. Click on the link there to have a look. Gorgeous isn’t it?

Sources:  Eurogamer,VG247, Nowgamer, IGN.


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