Acquire developing free PSP game, Bakumatsu Revolution

Acquire recently announced a PSP game on the most recent issue of Famitsu called Bakumatsu Revolution which is an RPG developed by one of their internal studios, Zero Div who made Class of Heroes. The selling point of this game is er…well, it’s free! You can just download it and play from the get go. It spans for 10 hours where you can do quests in randomly generated dungeons.

Typical as to Acquire games, you start by creating your own character, then choose to play as a Fencer, Monk or Knight. Then, you’ll be in the town pub and you can start doing quests, either solo quests or co-op quests. It also seems that the game plays out like the Mysterious Dungeon games where you are in a dungeon and you and your enemies take turns to travel around the dungeon. In co-op play, you and a group of friends can travel to the same dungeon and go around as free as you like, but make sure to return together for the dungeon boss!

As I said earlier, this game is free and the meaning of free is quite literally free as your friends can just download a copy of the game from your copy of the game, pretty neat feature huh? Famitsu did mention there might be some DLC which might be paid, but only one player need to download the DLC for a group to play.

I honestly don’t know why Acquire decided to go the free route and I don’t remember seeing many (or any) free PSP games recently but this definitely caught my interest! Bakumatsu Revolution is scheduled to be out on June 25 so jot that date down and remember to download when you have the chance!

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