E3 Roundup: Nintendo

Nintendo Press Conference, no one saw this coming. Ohh boy…where do I start with this. (Pics courtesy of IGN)

Kirby’s Epic Yarn

Good ol’ Kirby is finally getting his Wii title in the form of Epic Yarn, in which the entire game is made of yarn, even Kirby himself. The standard platforming style is there, along with new elements like finding weak yarn to break for hidden areas and what not. It is slated to release Q3 this year.

Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword

Another of the big hitters of Nintendo’s conference. After being teased for many months we’re finally seeing it now. It’s pretty much like Twilight Princess, only more colorful and better in every way. New weapons like the whip is included where you can use to grab items from a distance or attack enemies too. The archery style of Wii Sports Resort also applies here. T aim and fire you use the Wii remote’s pointer to target enemies. Flick the Nunchuk back to pull back the string. Letting go of the button lets the arrow fly. Bombs can be rolled now also. Skyward Sword looks set to be one of the best games out next year when it releases.

Wii Party

Pretty much what is says. Its a party game for Wii owners. Can range from one to four players. Many games including Board Game Island, Globe Trot, Swap Meet, and Spin-Off Bingo. The game adds in extra CPU players if you’re missing the total of 4. The usual fun party game stuff, releasing holiday season this year.

Donkey Kong Country Returns

Donkey Kong is back too! Again like Kirby, it keeps the good ol’ system of past games and bringing it to life in a more fun and enriching experience. The base gameplay is still the same where you control Donkey and travel through the stage.  Slated for release end 2010.

Goldeneye 007

The real shooter that started it all, is now back in force too for the Wii and DS. It’s not just a remake, but a reimagination of the game itself. As Daniel Craig is the current Bond, he will be the starring role for this game, remade. And yes, the very much loved multiplayer is still here. Oddjob and Jaws appears as playable character in the modes too. Online multiplayer will be featured too. Controls can be customised to whatever you desire, on any Wii controller.

Nintendo 3DS

It’s finally here, and it blew my mind away. The all new 3DS, with a top 3D screen and an analog slide pad included to the tried and tested DS set-up. The 3D can be set off an on if you like. Graphics are nearly on par of the PSP so it’s really amazing on the graphics end. I can’t really say how the 3D feels like as I have yet to play it myself. Hit IGN for their impressions on the 3DS here! . No release date or pricing has been given but it is speculated to be out by this year.

Kid Icarus: Uprising

Kid Icarus is also finally getting his debut, but in the form of a 3DS title. The game looks stunning on a 3DS, almost feels like the original games.

Classic Remakes on 3DS

Starfox 64 and Ocarina of Time remade on the 3DS, that alone is already a huge annoucement. Nintendo has announced that many of its classic titles (mostly from N64) will be remade into 3DS all fully supporting 3D functionality.

Multitudes of 3rd party software for the 3DS

Resident Evil, Assassin’s Creed, Dynasty Warriors, Samurai Warriors, Street Fighter. Many big gaming names will be appearing on the 3DS and this is not even scratching the surface. One of the titles that got me REALLY INTERESTED is none other than….

Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater 3D: The Naked Sample

MGS3 on the 3DS? Consider me sold, and Nintendo/Kojima Pro winning my money. My personal favorite game of all time is being ported to the 3DS in 3D. Stunning? Of course Screen? Check below. It’s really giving the PSP a run for it’s money.

I suggest again, you look at IGN for a complete list of 3DS games, new and remakes as there is a huge number of titles coming out for it.

These may be little in total, but they’re mammoth in size. Nintendo really stole the show this time. I’m hugely impressed of what they did to make up for last year’s.


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