Blog updates

Well, just a mini update. I will be doing some changes to the blog, hopefully a nicer header?  Haha. Also I will be doing something I want to do for a long time: Excerpts! Yes, the blog’s a little messy with the posts on the front page. The excerpts would be better no? Well as long as I can figure how to do that I will, anyone willing to help?

So basically, nicer header, better front page. I’ll try to excerpt the rest of the posts slowly if I have the time. Sorry if articles are a little slow as I’ve been having a busy second term of studies. Expect new articles of games, maybe that Peace Walker review once I finish the English version (that’s why I’ve been delaying it 🙂 ) and some more stuff. There’ll probably be a update for Famitsu tomorrow so check back!


One response

  1. Hey my name on MSN is SANDRO and my E-MAIL
    Contact me on MSN or Facebook : Sandro Schritliser
    LINK FB:!/profile.php?id=100000271306100

    I wana make you some nice new heade so you only must say what i must do and then the Pixels (How great the header must be).

    So then pls contact me !

    July 8, 2010 at 1:30 am

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