Ramblings: 9/7/2010: Awesome Games are Awesome.

So a rambling section after a long while eh? You should keep track of my Twitter for the latest updates now and then due to my busy-ness. I just felt like rambling a bit.

Was playing Peace Walker last night with a friend and we did Co-Ops for the first time. Bloody hell it’s so awesome! It’s a little hard to get back to 1P playing after Co-Ops. There’s quite alot more things you can do in that. For example, you can use the Stealth Gun and make your friend  invisible while he kicks ass (or vice versa) or use the Tank Box and destroying the Cocoon Mark II! XD Not only that but the other Ad-Hoc features like trading and gifts are great too. Man if only my good friends around me play Peace Walker too…bah.

I’ve also been playing Nier and Red Dead Redemption lately. Nier is not too bad, but I’m enjoying it more than I enjoyed FFXIII LOL! The music in that game is just nothing short of brilliant. Hats off to whoever created the soundtrack for Nier. That person truly did a wonderful job on it.  Gameplay is quite ok too, Action-Adventure styled game. The magic effects are quite nice to look at too. Let’s not forget the swearing XD

Red Dead Redemption…I’m speechless. Such an amazing accomplishment by Rockstar. For once I’m enjoying something they made. A western GTA? Formula of success. I’m somewhat a fan of westerns so it’s pretty cool to take on the role of a cowboy and kick some ass. It feels really authentic too, from horseriding and lasso-ing people. It’s almost as if I’m a real cowboy myself! The missions are pretty good also, multiplayer I’ve yet to check out but I’m sure it’ll be as great as how I play Co-Ops XD

Check back in the future for more updates! The main pic came from Insp.Chin. It’s an article of Kojima-san and Shinkawa sensei in Europe during the World Tour, pretty neat! The cosplayers are cool too, wish my future costume will be as good as their’s! 🙂


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