Monster Hunter Portable 3rd New Info!

From the recent issue of Famitsu, there has been some new information coming out. I have listed a number of those here, check it out!

Jinouga attack techniques:

  • Rear tail attack (It springs backwards a bit while swinging its tail downwards)
  • Charge (It charges with brute force)
  • Slam (It uses its entire body to squash the hunter)
  • Consecutive forefoot attack (It raises its body up while it swings its forefoot wildly, and then slamming the ground multiple times. )

New features on the weapons: *note, some of them are relatively unchanged from MH3 but I’ll list some of them anyways*

Sword and Shield: (all changes from MH3)

  • “Horizontal cut -> reverse cut”, “shield attack -> back knuckle” links are quite fast
  • Most of the attacks have quick evasion.
  • Jumping cut has super armor state.
  • There’s a lot of fire and thunder attribute SnS in the game.
  • The back knuckle and shield attack can steal monster’s stamina.


  • Quick reload is possible. While shelling, you can reload straight after that.
  • Quick reload can be linked to full burst attack.

Lance: (all changes from MH3)

  • You can dash forward while guarding.
  • Counter attack can be to and from regular pokes and up pokes. You can hold the counter for a few seconds and it will release after those few seconds.
  • Sidesweep hits 180 degrees infront of you. It can be linked to regular or up pokes.
  • Guard advance can be linked to shield bash attack (does stamina damage, can stun monster)

Long Sword: (all changes from MH3)

  • Left and right cut is now added to the game, lots of links possible.
  • While spirit gauge accumulates, power becomes stronger. Spirit slash can be done.
  • While spirit gauge is flashing, long sword’s aura will glow and power is increased.
  • 4 levels of spirit slash. Spirit combo attack range is far and will swallow monsters from afar.
  • While Spirit combo slash is hitting the enemy, the blade aura will light up and the attack power will increase. There’s 3 level of auras and as time pass the power will decrease.


  • A special type of arrow can fire at a high angle. It’s called the “high angle fire” (new move)
  • There’s 3 type of high angle fire, it fires multiple arrows at one go.
  • Spread, concentrated and burst type of high angle fire.
  • Stamina destruction bottle, damage enemy stamina.

Light Bowgun : (all changes from MH3)

  • You can link a shot into a sidestep move and you can sidestep two times consecutively. You can link a backstep and sidestep together too.
  • Quick firing: One shot takes multiple bullets.

Heavy Bowgun:

  • The bowgun continuously load and fire bullets with a new move called the “squat fire”. Player cannot move in this state.

Dual Swords:

  • New gauge added called the demon gauge. While doing demonization, you accumulate the demon gauge. Full demon gauge can give you demon strength.
  • While in Demon strength, attack speed and evasion increase until the gauge runs out. Also, it can do an exclusive action called Demon Cutting. (no details so far)

Slash Axe:

  • Infinite side swings and overhead slash can be linked.
  • New bottles:  “poison bottle” and “stamina destruction bottle”.

Great Sword: (all changes from MHP3)

  • Side slash power is low, but you can steal the monster’s stamina. You can also cause dizziness if you hit the head.  Can link from vertical strike or kick, and can link to everything else.
  • Side slash can be linked to the powerful charging smash. Slightly more damage than regular charge.  It cannot link to anything else.


  • All of the attacks of the hammer can drain stamina from the monster. (only certain moves could stun in MH3)

Hunting Horn:

  • Attack and music playing is combined together.
  • There is a new attack to hit the front and back, it will cause the monster to lose stamina.

Boss monsters now have Stamina (like in MH3). As they get tired or injure, they will feed on smaller monsters to heal themselves like the Popo, Aptonoth, etc.

Confirmed boss list (based on screencaps and official news):

  • Jinouga (cover monster)
  • Aoashira
  • Rathalos
  • Tigrex
  • Nargacuga
  • Rathian
  • Barroth
  • Agnaktor
  • Gigginox
  • Royal Ludroth
  • Qurupeco
  • Bulldrome
  • Great Jaggi

Check back for more in the future!

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