Kojima Production Blog translation: Artist Relation Notes 13

This is a translated version of a segment in the Kojima Productions blog. This is about the art that goes in the game, do check it out 😀

This is Negishi from Kojima Productions.

Everyone, have you played Extra Ops 125~128?

Gear Rex is strong isn’t it? It’s considerably challenging to beat in Singleplayer. Especially Extra Ops 128: Gear Rex Strikes Back! Ah, very dreadful!

It’s a secret but….I’m embarrassed to say, but in my own singleplayer experience, I have yet to beat Gear Rex Strikes Back. (It is embarrassing as a developer).

So, about Gear Rex, we did our work, it has a strong roar. Not to be defeated by Rathalos and Tigrex, this is an original design! For the direction of the roar, the character design in charge told me about a “standing horse”.


Steel Fanged King, the Nuclear Dragon, Gear Rex!

You can roughly guess the silhouette! It becomes the Metal Gear REX motif. In the initial days of the PW Project, the concept art designer drew up a rough statue with an attitude to the monster.

At the time when we’re making the PSP data, we though “let’s not make it inferior to the original Monster Hunter quality!” and persisted. Setting the image of “Living dead (Zombie) Dinosaur” it has offensive power but it was dull. Scrubs assembling, rotting juice is dripping,etc. Various ideas came about. The name of the missions were “Great battle of the Caribbean”, “Excess destroyer G” etc. we made it felt like a Monster Film. Kojima-san said “Mecha Gear Rex” as a rough idea which came out, everyone liked it as a monster.

Both MHP and MGS fans, we would appreciate if you enjoy hunting it.


Yes. Everyone, please hunt with affection. Many times over! Many time over! Again and again! And now everyone, please continue to love the characters!

Over here!  Today I’m showing you a special Gear Rex!

Click on it!

How? In the main development pub, this is the highly modeled and rendered image. As of now, this image is not popular yet so it’s valuable!

Next time, we will show the making-of version of this model!

See you later! See you next time!

I hope to add the other 12 Artist Relation Notes when I have the time, do check back for more 🙂


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  1. Mr. RHC

    Cool translation! Keep it up!

    August 15, 2010 at 6:20 pm

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