Ramblings: 8/30/2010: Good and not so good.

Hello again everyone! Its been a while since I rambled here. I’ve actually been busy preparing for my final exams this past few weeks, and relaxing with the rest of my free time, its a little stressful at the moment so blog activity hasn’t been so well! There’s 5 papers to do but I should be able to breeze through it, wish me luck!

But post exams, which is 9th September, things will (hopefully) kick back into high gear over here. As some of you may know, I will be going on a short holiday after the exams…to JAPAN! YES! Finally! I will be making my way over to Tokyo and Chiba for a week starting the 15th until the 22nd. As you would expect, I will be going to the Tokyo Game Show during the 2 days of weekend there.

I’ll be looking forward to trying the latest games, see the newest PVs, and hopefully getting to try out the Nintendo 3DS :D! Do expect some special previews and footage from the show floor the night I return from there. I hope you are excited, as I’m sure as hell am!

Aside from TGS of course,  I’ll be shopping around Tokyo, mainly Akihabara, Roppongi, Shibuya and the other shopping spots. Maybe I’ll try to snap some pics of the Imperial Palace from the gardens surrounding it! Also, I’ll be getting some swag from there. Games, figurines, and other stuff though mainly from Akiba.

Oh yes, did I mention the real mission in all of this is to meet Kojima Hideo? :p Wish me luck with that! For now, I’ll leave you be for a week or so (as I’ve been doing here XP) but I’ll update if there’s any spicy new game info lurking around which is needed to be blogged about. Do expect another Crimpressions article tonight though, its regarding a certain PSP game releasing in Japan in a month’s time 🙂

Do check back for more info or else…


Note: This image was something I snapped days back XD he will be replaced with an all new Hokuto Musou ver. in September though!


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