Dynasty Warriors 7 New Info!

Dynasty Warriors 7 (or Shin Sangoku Musou 6 / 真・三国無双6)  has had a new update as of recent and lots of news has sprung up. Check below for a list of all the new details!

The game will be a PS3 exclusive in Japan and mutliplat overseas and it will be released on March 2011 in Japan.

  • The storyline will -finally-  go beyond the batle of Wuzhang Plains and end at the actual ending of the Han Dynasty at 280 which is the Jin’s unification of China.
  • The new Jin Kingdom is added to the game, and it will be one of the new kingdoms in the Story Mode including Wei, Wu and Su. In this mode, as you play different stages, different characters are available to use. So, the story will be seen from various character’s point of view.
  • Story events are seamlessly incorporated into the gameplay like God of War 3.
  • A new mode called Chronicle Mode which is a create your own story free roam mode
  • You can visit cities to upgrade weapons inbetween battles and interact with unique characters to unlock more playable characters
  • Joining a faction in this mode allows you to take part in their events. Some events are based on the ROTK novel
  • New Characters:

Posted ImageSima Shi
First son of Sima Yi. Assumed authority in Wei after his father’s death. Died early in 255 due to complications of a swollen eye.
Main Weapon: Rapier
Seiyuu: Ryotaro Okiayu

Posted ImageSima Zhao
Second son of Sima Yi. Assumed authority after his brother Shi’s death. Father of Sima Yan, the first emperor of Jin who would finally unify China.
Main Weapon: Dao Blade
Seiyuu: Daisuke Kishio

Posted ImageBao Sanniang
Fictional female warrior who would eventually get married to Guan Suo, fictional youngest son of Guan Yu, and would fight together with him in the battlefield.
Main Weapon: Bladed Yo-yo

Returning Characters would be:
劉備 Liu Bei
關羽 Guan Yu
張飛 Zhang Fei
趙雲 Zhao Yun
星彩 Xing Cai
曹操 Cao Cao
曹仁 Cao Ren
夏侯惇 Xiahou Dun
夏侯淵 Xiahou Yuan
徐晃 Xu Huang
甄姫 Zhen Ji
孫權 Sun Quan
陸遜 Lu Xun
周泰 Zhou Tai

Also, many returning characters are retaining their old weapons from DW5 back due to the gameplay system reversal (eg. Zhen Ji’s flute, Xiahou Dun’s scimitar)

Gameplay Changes are in DW7, here are some of them:
Secondary Weapons, Variable Attack

  • The moveset system is back to the good old Charge-based system (DW5 and before)
  • Characters now equip two weapons at once that can be changed on hte fly
  • Weapons can be changed even in mid-stage
  • There will be about 360 different varieties of weapons
  • Some weapons will have gender limitations
  • Called the Variable Attack system, player can switch between the two weapons anytime. The weapons can even be switched during a combo with a weapon without cutting the combo itself. To switch weapons, press R1

Weapon Expertise, EX Attack

  • Some characters will have special expertise in certain weapon types. When such weapons are equipped, they will be able to unleash EX attacks
    The weapons seem to have expertise levels. So far the confirmed levels are ‘apprentice’ and ‘learned’
    (Speculation: Adding with the above point, probably each character will first have default expertise in their main weapons, but if they are buffed up they will be able to have expertise in all available weapons to them)

Musou attack upgrades

  • Jump Musou attack seems to be added
  • Musou bar is now stackable to 2 bars, allowing you to launch Musou attack twice consecutively
  • It is said there will be different kinds of Musou attacks. The first one is weapon-based and the second one will be unique to character (perhaps related to main weapon / weapon type expertise?)

Other Known Information

  • The game supports stereoscopic 3D mode, though this is optional and can be turned off
  • It will also support Playstation Move
  • Some characters will have different facial features depending on the storyline progress, like two-eyed Xiahou Dun or non-masked Sima Shi
  • Character portraits in battle messages have emotion changes just like other recent Warriors games

For more information, you can check out Koei Warriors for the latest in Dynasty Warriors 7 information (here)


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