The life of a Zaku…II

Today we have one of my newer gunplas, which isn’t quite new actually, 2 weeks old…finally getting a feature! Its the legendary grunt unit of the Principality of Zeon, the Zaku-II!

A beauty isn’t it?

Dancing Zaku? That’s not how a Zaku is like ^^;

Now that’s how a Zaku should be!

Standard issue machinegun, looks good on it!

Okay seriously Saturday Night Fever? What kind of Zaku is this?!

The power (of the grenade) is in YOUR hands 😉

Is that…GUNDAM?! Ooh, now for Zaku to show his strength!

Unfortunately its machinegun doesn’t work…

And the heat hawk is pretty useless too D:

It gets easily knocked down by Gundam

When its the Gundam’s turn, he takes out his beam saber, the weapon Zakus fears the most



And the poor Zaku is dead.

Unfortunately, that pretty much sums up what most Zaku’s lives are.

But hey, Gunpla makers LOVE the Zaku so its alright!

Awesome Zaku is AWESOME. Peace Out



Well that pretty much sums up the Zaku-II roughly, cool guy. If I have the time, I’ll get a review done along with Sinanju. Here’s a sneek peek of what is to come in the future. It might not be the next few ones, but it’ll come soon!



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