Fridays: CGM Night + Gunpla + More

Its Friday again and as usual, I post a blog on this day. Do expect future posts to come on fridays too. Why Friday? Because TGIF. Yes, and everyone’s usually in a good mood on Friday 😀 Anyways, DOWN TO BUSINESS.

First up, CGM Night. It was an event this past Monday (15th Nov) where the world famous otaku blogger Danny Choo had a gathering of sorts with his Singaporean comrades. Unforunately I had Japanese Class on that day and it was a particularly important one so I couldn’t skip it even if I wanted to, but I managed to got what I need: a picture with Danny himself haha! Along with that I had some extra pics, check them out below:

Snake’s best friend? Who could it be?

Aha, its Danbo! Snake likes cardboard boxes, so these two and match made in heaven. Now I just need that Danbo revoltech for myself…>__>

Hey, its me and the man itself, Danny Choo! Don’t ask me why he had Snake upside down, he purposely did it. Nice chap, hope I get to seeya again in the future Danny!

Speaking of which, I still gotta meet another Danny I know…hopefully sometime in the near future 😉 Up next I have a preview of a future blog post of my next TWO Gunpla showings. Both are RX-78, but they are both different in their own way. One was the hero of the One Year War, the other totally wrecked Konpeitoh/Solomon to bits. Here’s a snippet of what’s to come:

The ever legendary RX-78-2 piloted by Amuro Ray takes flight yet again in a future blog post.

And another future post featuring one of my personal favorite Gundams of all time, the RX-78-GP02A Physalis piloted by the awesome epic Anavel Gato. SOLOMON YO, WATASHI WA KAETTEKITA~~~~

The last news for today is that I recently got an email from AmiAmi that my Snake Jungle Camo is ready to be shipped. Hells yeah! Can’t wait for it, but that will mean I have to cover Snake Sneaking Suit’s final mission before he temporarily passes the reins to Snake Jungle Camo. Check back in the future for more! Do expect either First Gundam or Physalis blog post to come sometimes these 4 days!


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