Snake Sneaking Suit’s final mission?! – Snake Play Arts Kai Sneaking Suit Review

Probably around later today or tomorrow morning, I will be receiving a new Snake Play Arts Kai. This one will be based on Snake’s default camo, the Jungle camo! Yeah, its actually an improvement over the Sneaking Suit because its actually has THE STUN KNIFE and A RIFLE. Took their time huh? At least we’re finally getting two weapons essential to Snake in Peace Walker. And yes, a rifle. I don’t have to go out and use a little oversized 1/6 rifle anymore! Anyways back to the actual reason for this post.

As I said, I’ll be getting an updated Snake, so I’ll be temporarily retiring the first Snake so that this new one can have the spotlight in the meantime. So for a (temporary) final shoot, I’m doing a review here of the Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker Play Arts Kai Snake Sneaking Suit.

Even just standing still, he looks SO GOOD.

He comes pre-equipped with 2 extra set of hands for holding weapons, 2 pistols, 1 suppressor and a..riot shield. Why would he need a riot shield when he’s not supposed to be seen? Well I guess just in case!

Here’s a few poses of him without any changes to the base model.

You can tell the sculpt is really good on this one. I would say this is the most accurate looking Snake of all the figurines out there. Even better than the Medicom RAH ones! Just look at the face!

Really, it just is that game accurate! Even the FOX and MSF logos are really well done.

Couple of shots with the pistol.

He’s pretty good with the pistol yeah? My only gripe is that I wished they had a hand fully open so that he could two hand the gun well.

Still, commendable effort by Square Enix.

Two shots with the riot shield. You can’t do much with it, but its not a bad item.

Not too sure about the gun, but the shield is game accurate. Would be nice if he could hook it to his back like the game…

And here are some FUN poses 😀

Sentai-ish pose


A walking cardboard box?

Using the RAH’s survival knife for this pose. Really nice! I’m glad the Jungle camo version will have the stun rod.

He does have a little difficulty to pose sometimes, partly because of his big upper body and less heavy lower body. However, you shouldn’t really come across any problems most of the time. Each limb can be rotated 360 degrees so there’s plenty of poses he can pull off. A pity he can’t lie down properly due to the baggage in the back but well, its game accuracy!

All in all, Sneaking Suit Snake is what I would say, the best Metal Gear related figurine out there at the moment, but he lacks some of the more important things Snake would use in Peace Walker. Mind you though, this is still a really solid figurine, retailing at SGD$70. For Metal Gear fans, this is a must have in your collection and for those generally looking for a cool figurine, it wouldn’t hurt you to part a few bucks to spent on this. Do look out for the Snake Jungle Camo out now, its also a good figurine with more better weapon choices. I’ll try to review that when I get my hands on it.

I wouldn’t convince you to go out there and BUY IT NOW because it is ultimately your choice if you want to get it, but I will say its definitely a great addition to anyone who loves collecting Snake.

Sayonara for now Snake! Enjoy Peace Walker while I’ll see you in your Jungle Camo soon 🙂

Here are all the pics and some extra ones that weren’t used for this review, enjoy! Hope you liked the review.


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