Could this be the PSP2?

Countless of rumors have surfaced in the past few months that Sony would reveal the successor of the PSP, which would logically the PSP2. It seems that many of the rumors have a similar image though. And the PSM3 magazine yet again re-iterates that fact in this magazine scan below.

Full size below:

Full size here:

This is similar to what we have seen some time back which is:

Interesting huh? They also seem to mention a different device, the PSP Phone which will debut around the same time. But according to the info, the PSP2 will have these:

  • Trackpad at the back of the console
  • HD screen
  • Twin analog sticks
  • 2011 release

I’m seriously hoping this is sorta the final design of the PSP2. Despite the similarity to the PSPGo, I still think this its not a bad design. Not sure how I would play games like MH or certain shooters on the PSP but we can see in time!

EDIT: Yes, we are aware this is only a mockup of the PSP2, and a PSP Phone mockup exist elsewhere too.

One response

  1. wow its asome i think the sony psp psm3 is the best of all the psps in the world my name is risinu from srilanka

    January 1, 2012 at 4:20 pm

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