Return from Hiatus

So I am finally back from my Hiatus! The reason I was out was due to lack of free time, projects and exams. Its been a loong time since I posted here but anyways, I am back.
First of all, thanks to all of the people who visited my blog during this time, I appreciate keeping up with my lack of posting. But with me back, hope more of you come again since I will be posting more and more in this next few months for a while!  Do expect lots of gunpla posts at least, got alot of kits these past month already built. Hope you like em!


One more thing, I’m close to 10,000 hits yay! Thanks to all again, I hope to do something special once I hit 10,000!


One response

  1. It’s over 9,000!!!

    March 7, 2011 at 5:53 pm

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