Recent happenings

Hey guys, me again after not posting a while LOL! What’s up everyone?

In light of the recent eartquake/tsunami (RIP to all those who has been lost to the disasters), I am cancelling my Japan trip scheduled this friday. Bummer huh? Oh well, what can we do? I probably won’t be able to go there in June possibly. I hope I can find a good alternative of a holiday. I would so love to go to E3 however! Could go see Jsun and some game developers ^^

Anyways, yeah I haven’t been playing too much new games if any recently. I’ve been caught up with my recent craze of gunpla as you guys know! Really love building this stuff, it gets addicting! Do expect to see some gunpla posts coming here in the next few posts. Here are some sneak peeks:

MG Gundam Ver. Ka!

MG Kamen Rider Skull

Stay tuned for more Gunpla stuff in the future! As for Games, do expect a game review some time in the near future. Been working on one lately, hope you guys check it out when its up ^^


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