Metal Gear Solid + Zone of the Enders HD Collections announced! and more!

Today, Konami had their pre-E3 conference where they announced a couple of new games. You know I don’t care for most Konami stuff, but the one that counts, there’s some good stuff to be had.

First of all, Kojima himself announced Metal Gear Solid HD Collection! Its been rumored for a while and its finally coming true. This collection will include MGS2, MGS3 and MGSPW HD Edition. In Japan, the game will be MGS2+MGS3 along with  an MGS1 download code included in one box and MGSPW HD Edition in another box. These game will retail in November this year. Did I mention they’re releasing on the PS3 and…360 too? 😀

Next is Zone of the Enders HD Collection! Yes, a HD Remake of both games for the PS3 and 360 too! It will be ZOE and Anubis ZOE (aka ZOE2) remade in HD an released in 2012. Both Japan and overseas will get the same version of games.

Here’s some info on the HD Collections:

  • These games are optimized for play on the PS3/360 .
  • New UI (User interface)
  • Redrawn high-res 2D art, effects, fonts
  • New trophies/achievements
  • Right analog stick and force feedback usage
  • Transfarring system (save management system that locks PS3/PSP save sharing)
  • Improved audio quality

This Transfarring system is exclusive to the PS3,PSP and NGP. It allows you to transfer data over from your PS3 to your PSP while you go out and it locks your PS3 save so that when you return from playing with your PSP, you can transfer your save data back to the PS3. This same system may work with MGS2 and MGS3 with PS3 and NGP in the future.

So are you guys excited for MGS and ZOE HD Collection? I know I sure am! Consider them already purchased, both the Japanese and English version on the PS3 and maybe the 360 version in English =)


3 responses

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  2. Otis

    Wait so will north american be seeing mgs 2 3 and the remake for pw aswell? Or just the hd pw?

    June 9, 2011 at 8:21 am

    • North America will get MGS2+3+PW as well. But they’ll get it in one packaging not like Japan which has 2.

      June 9, 2011 at 10:47 am

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