Sony E3 2011 Press Conference Highlights

Missed the Sony presscon? Here’s the highlights!

Resistance 3:
A new trailer was shown for the game today. Two bundles are announced too. One is a Bundle  that includes the game, PS3 Sharpshooter, PS Move+Eye and the Navigation Controller. It releases September 6

Uncharted 3

New Uncharted 3 gameplay footage, pretty impressive. The game will have a multiplayer demo via subway from October in the US. How I wish I had it! It releases 1 November

A PS3 3DTV was announced too, it is 24 inches wide and will support…3D of course. It retails at $499 USD and it comes with a 6 foot cable and Resistance 3. Pretty sweet deal if you ask me.

NBA 2K12 with Move Support:

Bioshock Infinite will apparently have Move support and it will be out on the NGP/PS Vita. The PS3 version comes with the first Bioshock!

God of War Origins and ICO+Shadow of the Colossus HD Collections!

Sly Cooper Thieves in Time, the first normal PS3 Sly game!

Dust 514 by the makers of EVE Online!

In terns of exclusive stuff, Battlefield 3 will have Battlefield 1943 included in the PS3 version only in the Bluray disc. Saints Row 3 will have an exclusiv multiplayer mode (not the entire MP exclusive but one mode). Need For Speed The Run will have 17 exclusive supercars only for PS3 too.

And we have Starhawk here:

Medieval Moves: Deadmund’s Quest made by the Sports Champions people. The controls seems better than Zelda  Twilight Princess to be honest:

And now for the NGP now known as the PS Vita! It retails Holiday 2011 and will be priced $249 USD. YOU HEARD ME RIGHT. $249 USD for the Wifi version. 3G version is at $299 USD. Also 24980 Yen and 249 Euros in Japan and EU.

Here’s a trailer of things to come:

Uncharted Golden Abyss for the PS Vita! Its sexy!

ModNation Racers on Vita with content from the PS3 version!

Last but not least, Street Fighter X Tekken! Didn’t see that coming huh? It comes with a cameo from Cole from Infamous too!

Honestly, best conference of the day. I wonder if Nintendo can stand up with its Project Cafe?


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