Gundam AGE revealed!

Earlier I posted the leaked images of Gundam AGE, now you can see the official image of Gundam AGE and more!

This would be a really large model version of Gundam AGE-1. Pretty neat huh? More to come in a bit but first, here’s the anticipated trailer to get you going:

Personally, it looks good to me, the characters obviously screams Level 5 if you ask me XD Not that I’m complaining, they’re a good company! More information have been released about the series:

The series is set in Advanced Generation. In Year 101, an UE, Unknown Enemy suddenly appears and destroys the space colony Angel. It is known as the Sunset of the Angel and the peace on Earth is no more. 7 years later the UE invades the colony Ovan. Frit Asuno lives here with his mother. The aliens invade and his mother is killed. Before she dies, she uploaded her memories onto the AGE Device and gave it to her so. Using that, Frit can pilot the ancient mobile suit, the Gundam.

AG 115, Frit is now 14 years old and living in Nora stationed near in the Earth Federal Military Base (Arinston). During that seven years, Frit engineers and completes the AGE system for Gundam AGE-1 which can evolve through combat experience. UE attacks Nora and now Frit will have to defend it with the Gundam.

This is of course the regular Gundam AGE-1. It is the legendary savior, called the Gundam. The data from the AGE device was used to develop it.

This is Gundam AGE-1T Titus. It mainly uses strength to overpoer enemies with its melee attacks. The design was suggested by the AGE system.

This is the Gundam AGE-1S Sparrow. It uses its speed like a ninja to defeat enemies. This also is a design suggested by the AGE system.

This is the RGE-B790 Genoace. Its the grunt from the Earth Federation.

Also the AGE system is a device that has the building blocks of the Gundam inside which was passed down by the Asuno family like a family heirloom. The data is all from the past of the Asuno family.

This AGE system sort of reminds me of the ALICE system from Gundam Sentinel. Wonder if the memories of all past Asunos are in there. I have a feeling this guy will be in it eventually or something for the 2nd or 3rd generation.

Anyways for the big 4 projects they teased, some  were shown in more detail too:

1. Toy:

Quite a few actually. There’s the AG grade, which is basically the FG gunpla except with some chip it seems to use the gundam in some arcade game. Then there’s the GB grade which is a toy line in the 1/100 scale. It has the same chip thing in too.  AG kits are scheduled to be released in October-December with the Normal, Titus and Sparrow suits coming. The GB line has the same three too coming in October.

When it comes to the usual gunpla, the HG kit of AGE-1 Normal will be released in September. The Megasize seems to be coming in the same month too.

2. Game

There will be 3 games. First will be a Gundam AGE RPG game by Level 5. Nothing much is known about that yet except it being an RPG. Next that was shown was an image of Gundam AGE-1 in SD Gundam G-Generation. Nothing was mentioned about whether its G-Gen World or a new series. Most likely just an image for a future game still well under development.

There was another game shown which is the card game actually but I believe we’ll only see it in Japan haha.

That was your Gundam news! Wonder when we’ll see more haha. I did hear there’s another news Gundam related coming in 2 weeks. What will that be?


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