My Gunpla of the Year 2011: HGUC RGM-96X Jesta

So this is like…2 months late? Oh well, can’t be apologising too much but anyways. I built many gunplas last year, probably in the upwards of 30. One of them stood out amongst the rest personally, and that happens to be the Jesta from Gundam Unicorn. Part in reason was because that its probably my favorite Earth Federation “grunt” type suit. The other reason is that the model was really well designed.

Sir yes sir! I like its very militaristic design. Probably doesn't help that I'm still in the army haha

Love the Beam Carbine, reminiscent to the current era ones. The EOtech scope is pretty awesome!

Defensive Jegan-like shield. The only real flaw of this kit IMO as the 3 joint pieces aren't that impressive.

Beam saber. Standard issue

I entrust my life to the blade!

This little guy can equip the Jegan's bazooka too, and how well does it fit?

Why it comes off as my Gunpla of last year (HG gunpla) is because of the really posable joints compared to most other model kits, which rivals at least 70% of the other kits from the HGUC line. The fact that a non-Gundam type mobile suit actually has really solid body is usually odd as the Gundam-types normally has the best posability. While the AGE-1 Normal trumps it, and pretty much ever other HG gunpla in existence, in terms of joints, the Jesta stands out due to its uniqueness as a non-Gundam type and compatibility with alot of other UC kits which the AGE-1 does not offer as equally.  Color choices are pretty cool for a special ops suit and the accessories fits it well.I’d definitely recommend people to get this kit and try building it!

Look forward to my next post which hopefully wouldn’t be in another month’s time!


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