Daily Ramblings

Hello again!

Its been a while huh?

As you guys know lately I’m in National Service or…compulsory conscription to those who don’t know. Having to serve the army for 2 years and all. I’m fine with that actually, at least I get paid! and its also good that the working hours are like that of normal offices which helps alot. Its been a couple of months of lack of activity due to that but now that I have more time, I will try to post more…well I resolved to post alot more posts this year so I hope I do not disappoint! Please if you have any queries feel free to contact me at @ !

You can see that my blog has a new name…ZONE OF THE CRIMSON! Well its inspired by one of my favorite mecha series (take a guess?) and I felt that this name kinda fits the blog. You like it?

Look forward to some reviews on the way as I already planned a couple to go up live. Mostly will be gunpla reviews as I’ve been amassing alot of them during these past few months. The first new post will be the review of my Gunpla of 2011!  Take a guess if you like but eitherways it will be up in the coming days. Thanks for staying with me in the past few months if you did,  I really hope I will make it up to you guys haha!


Recent happenings

Hey guys, me again after not posting a while LOL! What’s up everyone?

In light of the recent eartquake/tsunami (RIP to all those who has been lost to the disasters), I am cancelling my Japan trip scheduled this friday. Bummer huh? Oh well, what can we do? I probably won’t be able to go there in June possibly. I hope I can find a good alternative of a holiday. I would so love to go to E3 however! Could go see Jsun and some game developers ^^


Return from Hiatus

So I am finally back from my Hiatus! The reason I was out was due to lack of free time, projects and exams. Its been a loong time since I posted here but anyways, I am back.
First of all, thanks to all of the people who visited my blog during this time, I appreciate keeping up with my lack of posting. But with me back, hope more of you come again since I will be posting more and more in this next few months for a while!ย  Do expect lots of gunpla posts at least, got alot of kits these past month already built. Hope you like em!


One more thing, I’m close to 10,000 hits yay! Thanks to all again, I hope to do something special once I hit 10,000!

Last post of 2010!

Its been a great year you know, 2010. So many good things has happened to me, some bad things too but who cares about those? XD I met loads of new people this year, found a great group of friends too. I also finally made the trip to Japan and went to TGS no less! Seeing Kojima-san in person was a personal highlight! A pity I didn’t get to speak to him…maybe March next year when I go again ๐Ÿ™‚

I picked up some old faves I haven’t in a while, feels great too. There’s so much great things that happened that I can’t really explain! Man but seriously, one of the best things was opening this blog. Its nice to pen my thoughts or what I see and pass it to you guys. I feel sort of happy that I can contribute some stuff to the interwebs in one way or another. I hope you guys continue to support my blog in 2011 and remind me to blog more!! XD 7100+ hits is pretty ok I guess, let’s try to get to 20,000 before 2012!

Anyways, I hope you guys have a great 2011, have a happy new year and do expect more stuff to come here in the incoming year.ย  Don’t drink too much ok?ย  I want you guys back in one piece. HAVE FUN Y’ALL! ENJOY 2011!

Fridays: CGM Night + Gunpla + More

Its Friday again and as usual, I post a blog on this day. Do expect future posts to come on fridays too. Why Friday? Because TGIF. Yes, and everyone’s usually in a good mood on Friday ๐Ÿ˜€ Anyways, DOWN TO BUSINESS.

First up, CGM Night. It was an event this past Monday (15th Nov) where the world famous otaku blogger Danny Choo had a gathering of sorts with his Singaporean comrades. Unforunately I had Japanese Class on that day and it was a particularly important one so I couldn’t skip it even if I wanted to, but I managed to got what I need: a picture with Danny himself haha! Along with that I had some extra pics, check them out below:


Japan Trip!

t’s been a week or two since I’ve returned from Japan (and posting a blog post haha) but it was truly awesome. Definitely had the time of my life there! I went to quite a number of places, like Akihabara, Makuhari, Roppongi, Ikebukuro and Hamamtsu-cho to name a few. The food there was great, the people there are really nice yknow? Their disposal system is really nice to LOL, separating the trash to perishables and non-perishables and stuff. Singapore should do that too! Oh, I can’t forget the Mcdonalds there, pretty epic stuff, save the lack of Milo.And Tokyo Game Show was just simply epic trying the games, seeing the new games, meeting two producers even! ๐Ÿ˜€

I did get alot of swag there too, so many things to get there I wish I could get more! Details are in my pictures linked below . Honestly I can’t detail my experience in words but the pictures could help you with what I saw there. Plus I’m not really good with words so check my facebook for the pictures.

Or you can see the links here: Album 1 and Album 2. I hope you enjoy the pictures ๐Ÿ™‚

Short ramblings

Hello all, this is Crimsondramon here. If you’re wondering why my blog has not been active well its simply that I’m on holiday for a few weeks. Yes, TGS came and gone and I didn’t update anything, apologies to that as I went to the show itself to see the stuff for myself. I’ll give my preview for all the stuff I’ve done when I’m back instead! One would include a sort of exclusive preview for Gundam Musou 3! ๐Ÿ˜€

Also, I’ll sum up my TGS and Japan trips and stuff like new game announcements. Yes, one including Snake appearing in MHP3. Again, apologies for the lack of updates! I’ll be posting more stuff in the following fays ๐Ÿ™‚