My Gunpla of the Year 2011: HGUC RGM-96X Jesta

So this is like…2 months late? Oh well, can’t be apologising too much but anyways. I built many gunplas last year, probably in the upwards of 30. One of them stood out amongst the rest personally, and that happens to be the Jesta from Gundam Unicorn. Part in reason was because that its probably my favorite Earth Federation “grunt” type suit. The other reason is that the model was really well designed.


Temporary inactivity

As you people may have know I have not been posting on my blog as of late. First of all I have been inactive due to my holiday trip to Japan and it was GOOD! Bought lots of stuff to enjoy, gunplas, figures and some great games.

I would post them here and all but you guys know that I’ve been busy. Also in 2 weeks from now…or less than that, I’ll be going into National Service. I’ll have to go in for the first two weeks not being able to go back home. The following 7 weeks will be quite packed too so I regret that blog activity is going to be at near zero even if I wanted to post anything. But we’ll see, maybe I can cram in a post of two. By October onwards I should have more time though. Don’t worry about me, I’ll come back soon!

More Play Arts Kai Gray Fox + Solid Snake?!

Kojima Hideo revealed more images of the upcoming Gray Fox PAK!


Gundam AGE revealed!

Earlier I posted the leaked images of Gundam AGE, now you can see the official image of Gundam AGE and more!


New Gundam Series: Gundam AGE

The new Gundam series have been announced! It is called Gundam AGE! Want to know more? Read on.


Sony E3 2011 Press Conference Highlights

Missed the Sony presscon? Here’s the highlights!

Resistance 3:
A new trailer was shown for the game today. Two bundles are announced too. One is a Bundle  that includes the game, PS3 Sharpshooter, PS Move+Eye and the Navigation Controller. It releases September 6


New Gundam Series announced next week.

Wonder what this Gundam will turn out to be? I do too! Well we can check who and what it is by next week! You can see it here at Bandai Channel Live ( and ( They will not only be discussing about the new series’ characters, story and mobile suits, but products too. Maybe Gunpla?

According to the official website they mention that we should not  “miss a new Gundam history”. Based on that, I think it will a totally new AU series. But who knows?  The streaming is scheduled to be on June 13 2011, at 13:30 Japan time. Even if you don’t get to see it, I’m sure images will leak out super fast!