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Japan Trip!

t’s been a week or two since I’ve returned from Japan (and posting a blog post haha) but it was truly awesome. Definitely had the time of my life there! I went to quite a number of places, like Akihabara, Makuhari, Roppongi, Ikebukuro and Hamamtsu-cho to name a few. The food there was great, the people there are really nice yknow? Their disposal system is really nice to LOL, separating the trash to perishables and non-perishables and stuff. Singapore should do that too! Oh, I can’t forget the Mcdonalds there, pretty epic stuff, save the lack of Milo.And Tokyo Game Show was just simply epic trying the games, seeing the new games, meeting two producers even! 😀

I did get alot of swag there too, so many things to get there I wish I could get more! Details are in my pictures linked below . Honestly I can’t detail my experience in words but the pictures could help you with what I saw there. Plus I’m not really good with words so check my facebook for the pictures.

Or you can see the links here: Album 1 and Album 2. I hope you enjoy the pictures 🙂


Street Fighter: Beginnings End

A short movie by RivenX3i at Youtube of Street Fighter. It’s really nice, you gotta check it out!

Sniping in School: Snake’s Second Mission!

I was supposed to post this on Tuesday since I had the pics since then but anyways!  Snake’s Second Mission, hunting in my school XD
First of all, recently I went to China Square Central and bought a few stuff, one of which was a new weapon for Snake. The other two I will show soon 😉 And here’s the weapon:

Honestly, I have no idea what sniper rifle is this (of if it’s even a sniper in the first place) but that’s the best sniper size thing that was affordable. I kinda like it though!

Snake tests it out on the bridge here

Does it have any similarities to a certain scene from MGS3? :p

If this was taken from an MGS4 point of perspective, you would get something like this though:

Here’s another shot of Snake, this time with his pistol though:

He’s lying back to a tree trunk waiting for his enemies to appear to pop their head off. If this was facing the front, it’d resemble the MGS3 cover!

Well that’s all I have today, massive thanks to zh3us again for taking the shots!


Outing @ the Sky Garden: Snake’s first Mission!

Recently, a bunch of friends and I went to the nearby Sky Garden @ Toa Payoh near where I stay. It’s a pretty nice place if you ask me =)

What do you think? I don’t really go here quite often but I kinda like that place.

I brought two Snakes along for this event, the usual big 1/6 RAH Cold War Naked Snake and the 1/12 MG 20th Anniversary Naked Snake sneaking suit camo version and they had the pleasure of Megurine Luka from Vocaloid and Tigrex from Monster Hunter to join in the fun!

First up, we have Luka! Isn’t she cute? =3 Konnichiwa!

Luka singing~~ Glad I was there to enjoy the performance first hand 😛

Next up, we have Tigrex, lurking around….I guess it was hungry? XD I bet it prefers meat though.


Last of all, we have Snake! Let’s go!

Kaze ni fukarete~~ (Blowing in the wind~~)


Side view of Super Saiyan Snake!

Mission complete, Major. Returning to base.

And now for the fun part 😀

Kyon-zuhira Miller briefs Snake on taking down the Tigrex. Come back in one piece, Snake!

(If you’re wondering why Kyon is being used here, Kyon and Kaz Miller shares the same voice actor/seiyuu in Japan, Sugita Tomokazu :D)

Snake enters the fray! But what’s this? There’s something lurking in the jungle…


The Tigrex Appears!

The battle begins! Who’ll win? That’s for you to decide 😉


Snake versus Double?!

Trigger Full Burst!

But what exatctly are they fighting for..?

The World Cup of course! XD

Anywho, that’s all I have from that day, I really enjoyed myself that day. Thanks a lot guys!

Credits to Zh3us ( for the Photography and letting me use the scenery and Luka pics and xs27 (   for Tigrex and Double parts 😀