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Snake Jungle Camo’s first mission: Entrance!

Not too recently, I purchased a figurine from AmiAmi, its something I wanted for a few months already and its finally here. Square Enix’s MGSPW Play Arts Kai Snake Jungle Camo. Here he is!

Really nice huh? He looks almost exactly like the game model too, one thing I particularly liked about him. Check out below for the pics!



The post of posts

Hey guys, I just wanna tell ya that I’m posting this to announce to you that I will be posting something soon in the future. HOW AWESOME IS THAT? A POST ABOUT A FUTURE POST!

Well honestly I wanted to post something but I just can’t seem to write it out so it ended up like this! Anyways, really, do expect something soon XD! Some figurine related most likely. But there WILL be a post soon, just look out for it!

Street Fighter X Tekken/Tekken X Street Fighter Update

More info has came from the recent Gamescom event for both crossover games!First off with be TekkenxSF


No gameplay vids as of this moment but there are images of Ryu in the Tekken engine.

Tekken X Street Fighter model prototype image #2Tekken X Street Fighter model prototype image #1

Look’s pretty cool doesn’t he? Here’s hoping we get some gameplay by the weekend if possible or TGS =D


A new gameplay video has surfaced. Same setting and everything, just showing off new moves:

More info to come when they are announced.

Street Fighter X Tekken! HOLY SHIT!

Guess it was sort of inevitable no?! 😀 Finally, Street Fighter X Tekken has been announced! Two trailers have been shown, one cinematic and one gameplay from the showfloor itself. Also, a Tekken X Street Fighter made by Namco is apparently announced too ^^!

Cinematic Trailer:

Gamplay Trailer: (GET HYPE!)

You can check out screenshots if you want over at Andriasang by click on the link here

As for a release date? Capcom themselves have said that will not arrive anytime soon (well anytime this coming year that is) More info when they’re arrive! I bet you’re seeing the trailer over and over again >:D

Marvel vs Capcom 3: New Characters!

Four new characters were revealed today at the San Diego Comic Con for Marvel vs Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds (abbreviated FTW, geddit?). I won’t spoil you on who they are, watching the new videos would do them more justice:

And a new cinematic trailer and gameplay video!