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Snake Jungle Camo’s first mission: Entrance!

Not too recently, I purchased a figurine from AmiAmi, its something I wanted for a few months already and its finally here. Square Enix’s MGSPW Play Arts Kai Snake Jungle Camo. Here he is!

Really nice huh? He looks almost exactly like the game model too, one thing I particularly liked about him. Check out below for the pics!



Monster Hunter Portable 3rd New Info + Collabs

More info has came out due to the recent  completion event for Monster Hunter Portable 3rd (MHP3) yesterday. First of all, check out the new trailer featuring a number of returning monsters and just a whole lot of awesome in general:

Awesome right? There’s more to come. Anyways, here’s the newest collaboration for MHP3:


  • 10 new Uniqlo tees to be available at Uniqlo stores wherever they may be in the world
  • Each tee has a free Felyne keychain
  • Download quest to get Uniqlo themed armor will be out in late december
  • Uniqlo themed armor and weapons for your felyne

They look something like this:

Pretty nice eh? I’m definitely getting one for myself.

There are other collaborations in japan though they won’t be going outside there most likely so I will not be covering them here.

More info to come when they arrive. Just 17 days to the release of MHP3, I’m super stoked, gotta preorder my copy asap. Have you yours?

Sengoku Musou 3 Z! Sengoku Musou 3 Mushouden!

In what it would be seem to be a great move by Koei, Samurai Warriors 3 will be coming to the PS3! Just like Musou Orochi, the game will be called Sengoku Musou 3 Z and it will be exclusive for the PS3. The game will contain3 new characters…well more like  1 returning and 2 getting upgrades. Gracia will be returning and Aya Gozen and Fukushima Masanori will be promoted to main characters. These 3 and all the characters who lacked story modes will be getting their own too.


Dynasty Warriors 7 New Info!

Dynasty Warriors 7 (or Shin Sangoku Musou 6 / 真・三国無双6)  has had a new update as of recent and lots of news has sprung up. Check below for a list of all the new details!

The game will be a PS3 exclusive in Japan and mutliplat overseas and it will be released on March 2011 in Japan.


Crimpressions: Kurohyou: Ryu Ga Gotoku Shinshou

I’m sure many have heard of Ryu Ga Gotoku…or Yakuza as it is known outsde of Japan. It has been primarily a Playstation home console game but finally it will be making its debut on the PSP with Kurohyou. This game does not, however, feature a Kazuma Kiryu or a similar incarnation of him. This time you play a teenage delinquent Tatsuya Ukyou although this will still be at Kamurocho.

Shall we begin? Let’s go! Turn on the demo and you’re introduced to a cool J-Pop tune that repeatedly plays at the demo screen which happens to be theme song for the game. Press start of course.

Metal Gear So- oh, its Yakuza, and it looks good!

You see Tatsuya beat up a random guy in a cutscene…only to realize it was a dream. A guy comes in and talks to him about going to the Dragon Heat? As you would expect, you’ll have to make your way there but first things first…pause menu (as the game indicates you to check out). You will see 6 menus, 4 available in the demo. Those available would be Item, Status, Battle and Story which are all pretty much self explanatory but there is one thing to point out, the Battle section.

Clicking on it, you will see the currently equipped battle style on Tatsuya which is Kenka (or Brawling in Japanese) . This is the basic style you use in the game which offers no extra benefits. By moving the cursors around, you see that Boxing and Puroresu (Pro Wrestling) are also available to use. Each of those styles can give positive and negative bonus to some of your stats. For example, boxing will increase your punching power by 20% while reducing your kicking power by 20 but for now, I’ll stick to Kenka and try it out when I can and then switch to the other two for other missions. Also, you can edit what moves your charging attack does too by pressing square, it’s a neat feature!

Back to the main screen, you can see the graphics are decent for a PSP game. It has the standard Yakuza feel to it too. Exiting this screen, I walk down a hallway, which leads to another hallway. You speak to this purple guy to trigger this cutscene. You see two guys in a match fighting each other. It seems like a somewhat MMA style kind of match. The art style is very similar to MGS: Peace Walker in the cutscenes and I did check out who made the cutscenes in the game and it turns out it’s the same 3rd party company that works on the art for both games, cool isn’t it?

Falcon Punch?

Anyways a number of cutscenes follow and after a while you’re back in control of Tatsuya. Now, you have to go to this place called JeweL. Exit this area, and you enter a city area which is obviously Kamurocho. Finally, someplace familiar! The select button opens up to you here, which is the series standard map button. It shows you where the JeweL place is so I would have to obviously go there…but lets roam around the area first shall we?

Approach this two guys and a battle will occur! You are allowed to change styled before the battle though, but let’s go with Kenka as I said earlier. Cool music plays in the background. It seems you have to fulfill certain requirements in this first battle, it serve as a tutorial also. It basically teaches you how to play the game. I listed the controls below which doubles as the tutorial for this first battle.

Its not difficult to win, but you immediately go into another battle after that one, this time I will use Boxing.  This second battle is also a tutorial for other controls but I did notice Boxing has longer punch combos as you would expect. Its not a hard mission again but at the end, you have different ways of finishing the opponent and getting either EXP of Money. I chose EXP and Tatsuya defeated the enemy with a series of hits.

The usual store in Kamurocho

Once you’re done you can finally roam around the city! I went to a nearby food store, but I can’t seem to buy anything due to the demo’s limitations, oh well! I went to Club Sega, and tried the UFO Catcher but alas it only shows a demo reel of side missions due to it being a demo. It’s a little disappointing not being able to try the minigames here, would have been fun.  The stores also seems to have shrunk compared to the console versions but not a major problem as the essence of it is still there.. The game does feel like a near exact replication of the console versions on the portable, minus a few changes it has to make going portable. Everything you can do there you can do here too.

I do recount an event where there’s this two guys picking on a girl, and Tatsuya beat them up with ease, turns out her boyfriend came later and thought he was disturbing her. We ended up fighting but in the end he misunderstood my character haha! Tatsuya and him became friends after that, pretty funny story. Another incident is at the mart, approach the ATM poster and a prompt appeared.  I clicked on the first option and I see a poster of Rize, the band that plays the game’s theme, and the theme plays for a bit too!

Going to the exclamation point in the map triggers a cutscene which leads to a battle involving multiple people attacking me one at a time until a boss kind of characters appears (he seems to have higher health so I’d assume he is a boss). Not much of a problem thanks to the various battles I’ve been through walking around the game which trained me up….though my Tatsuya suffered an injury at one part of his body. As usual, continuing on…which leads to the end of the demo!

Not 7-Eleven but a minimart nonetheless!

It was a great experience I must say, the demo lacked the minigames regular Ryu Ga Gotoku demos have but it was still great nonetheless. I’m looking forward to getting the full game so I might end up purchasing this in my last day in Japan.


Main Screen Menu:

O = Interact

D-Pad/Analog =Move


Square = Punch

Triangle = Kick

(hold S or T for a stronger attack)

O = Grab, Activate Heat

X = Step, duck, do Heat Action

L +O = Grab Weapon

R = Lock on

L = Guard

L+ Direction = Catch enemy (only works when he is attacking)

Kurohyou: Ryu Ga Gotoku Shinshou (aka Black Panther: Yakuza New Chapter) releases on the Playstation Portable on September 22 in Japan and TBA elsewhere.

Monster Hunter Portable 3rd New Info!

From the recent issue of Famitsu, there has been some new information coming out. I have listed a number of those here, check it out!

Jinouga attack techniques:

  • Rear tail attack (It springs backwards a bit while swinging its tail downwards)
  • Charge (It charges with brute force)
  • Slam (It uses its entire body to squash the hunter)
  • Consecutive forefoot attack (It raises its body up while it swings its forefoot wildly, and then slamming the ground multiple times. )

New features on the weapons: *note, some of them are relatively unchanged from MH3 but I’ll list some of them anyways*

Sword and Shield: (all changes from MH3)

  • “Horizontal cut -> reverse cut”, “shield attack -> back knuckle” links are quite fast
  • Most of the attacks have quick evasion.
  • Jumping cut has super armor state.
  • There’s a lot of fire and thunder attribute SnS in the game.
  • The back knuckle and shield attack can steal monster’s stamina.


  • Quick reload is possible. While shelling, you can reload straight after that.
  • Quick reload can be linked to full burst attack.

Lance: (all changes from MH3)

  • You can dash forward while guarding.
  • Counter attack can be to and from regular pokes and up pokes. You can hold the counter for a few seconds and it will release after those few seconds.
  • Sidesweep hits 180 degrees infront of you. It can be linked to regular or up pokes.
  • Guard advance can be linked to shield bash attack (does stamina damage, can stun monster)

Long Sword: (all changes from MH3)

  • Left and right cut is now added to the game, lots of links possible.
  • While spirit gauge accumulates, power becomes stronger. Spirit slash can be done.
  • While spirit gauge is flashing, long sword’s aura will glow and power is increased.
  • 4 levels of spirit slash. Spirit combo attack range is far and will swallow monsters from afar.
  • While Spirit combo slash is hitting the enemy, the blade aura will light up and the attack power will increase. There’s 3 level of auras and as time pass the power will decrease.


  • A special type of arrow can fire at a high angle. It’s called the “high angle fire” (new move)
  • There’s 3 type of high angle fire, it fires multiple arrows at one go.
  • Spread, concentrated and burst type of high angle fire.
  • Stamina destruction bottle, damage enemy stamina.

Light Bowgun : (all changes from MH3)

  • You can link a shot into a sidestep move and you can sidestep two times consecutively. You can link a backstep and sidestep together too.
  • Quick firing: One shot takes multiple bullets.

Heavy Bowgun:

  • The bowgun continuously load and fire bullets with a new move called the “squat fire”. Player cannot move in this state.

Dual Swords:

  • New gauge added called the demon gauge. While doing demonization, you accumulate the demon gauge. Full demon gauge can give you demon strength.
  • While in Demon strength, attack speed and evasion increase until the gauge runs out. Also, it can do an exclusive action called Demon Cutting. (no details so far)

Slash Axe:

  • Infinite side swings and overhead slash can be linked.
  • New bottles:  “poison bottle” and “stamina destruction bottle”.

Great Sword: (all changes from MHP3)

  • Side slash power is low, but you can steal the monster’s stamina. You can also cause dizziness if you hit the head.  Can link from vertical strike or kick, and can link to everything else.
  • Side slash can be linked to the powerful charging smash. Slightly more damage than regular charge.  It cannot link to anything else.


  • All of the attacks of the hammer can drain stamina from the monster. (only certain moves could stun in MH3)

Hunting Horn:

  • Attack and music playing is combined together.
  • There is a new attack to hit the front and back, it will cause the monster to lose stamina.

Boss monsters now have Stamina (like in MH3). As they get tired or injure, they will feed on smaller monsters to heal themselves like the Popo, Aptonoth, etc.

Confirmed boss list (based on screencaps and official news):

  • Jinouga (cover monster)
  • Aoashira
  • Rathalos
  • Tigrex
  • Nargacuga
  • Rathian
  • Barroth
  • Agnaktor
  • Gigginox
  • Royal Ludroth
  • Qurupeco
  • Bulldrome
  • Great Jaggi

Check back for more in the future!

Famitsu Interview: Shinkawa Yoji

Yep, it’s the legendary artist Shinkawa Yoji himself. Famitsu recently posted an interview of him and I have very nicely translated that for you 🙂 Please enjoy!

Shinkawa Yoji in regular text, Famitsu in bold.

The newly adopted Artist Demo looks quite impressive! Tell us about it, would you?

Conveying it on a portable machine is not like MGS4′s hi-res cutscenes; I wanted it to have the same feeling as if you were reading a manga in the palms of your hands. This is something similar to the interactive part of the Digital Graphic Novel mind probe. As for the work: the internal staff create the layouts, they then hand it to Mr. Ashley Wood, and he comes back to adjust it. Then the process is repeated.

Isn’t that a considerable amount of work? It seems tough.

Yes. I think this has the most amount of artwork in the series. This time round, I had the feeling I was continuously drawing. I drew the faces of the Mother Base soldiers. The team of 3 were split, and we drew a total of 300 people. If you trade with your friends wisely, almost all your soldiers in Mother Base will have totally different faces.

Speaking of faces, you’ve previously said that you find drawing faces of middle-aged men fun. Could you elaborate?

Middle-aged men are always fun to draw (laughs). This time, I decide on a concept color for every character, and I have put in a structure to appeal to the user’s psyche. That’s how I draw them and really I enjoyed it.

How about the young girl, Paz?

Paz is conversely… difficult. In order for the polygon model to look cute, we make sure that the shadowing isn’t intense and it took alot of people to do that. There was also a lot of staff committed to the task, and the amount of polygons used for Paz were equally so. Her hair itself is comparable to 4 enemy soldiers (laughs). Immediately following MGS4, Kojima said “[I want to] create PS3-level graphics on the PSP”. There was already a theme set. First of all, making high-res characters, and following that, drop it to a lower polygon count.

I see. So it becomes clean then…?

The hi-res scenes are created similar to MGS4. If the polygon count is low, the silhouette becomes important. A small 1mm shift can totally change the impression of the silhouette. Having supervised since the first MGS, it felt nostalgic and I enjoyed it.

What about the A.I. enemies?

While drawing the A.I. weapons, we got to play with it for a while; we thought of the design of the enemies together and then we added things. Then, we designed how the A.I. weapons’ parts are stolen and the weapons are used by the player to make their own weapon. It feels like combining various plastic models and making a new one entirely. In the end, I think we had a creation that I haven’t had until now.

Each having individual characteristics?

Yes. As for Chrysalis — despite being technically impossible at that time — I wanted to give it a 1970′s science-fiction feel. Cocoon, in the other hand, is a dinosaur tank. This time we talked a lot about the background research, and it was interesting… though, it was a little too spread out, I thought. But we focused our efforts on an enjoyable playing experience.

What about the armored vehicles and tanks?

Contrary to the A.I. Enemies, we collaborated with the mecha team to reproduce the real thing as much as possible. However, if you only have science fiction AI weapons style, the feeling of reality becomes thin. Therefore, we added these types of real weapon and they are expected to bring out the realism.

Finally, do you have a few words to say to the fans reading this?

Even though we made this as a staff, I enjoyed this piece of work myself, and I hope everyone is satisfied with what they play. To those interested in the work of Metal Gear: if you’re hesitating to play a game with a magnificent view of the world, invite a friend and play together — I hope that will resolve all your doubts about the game. By all means, please take the opportunity to play this game. If you appreciate the artist demo, I’ll be very pleased.

Source: Famitsu magazine: (Both scans are inside)