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Revoltech Jehuty is real!

Many people have been dying for figurines based on the main character of Kojima Hideo’s Zone of The Enders franchise..official ones to be precise. Most of them have either been customs made by those who can make them or garage kits here and there. Finally and thank god finally, an official licensed figurine of Jehuty have been announced and no less its from Kaiyodo’s Revoltech Yamaguchi line. Here’s a look at the images of this fantastic mech.



Famitsu Interview: Shinkawa Yoji

Yep, it’s the legendary artist Shinkawa Yoji himself. Famitsu recently posted an interview of him and I have very nicely translated that for you 🙂 Please enjoy!

Shinkawa Yoji in regular text, Famitsu in bold.

The newly adopted Artist Demo looks quite impressive! Tell us about it, would you?

Conveying it on a portable machine is not like MGS4′s hi-res cutscenes; I wanted it to have the same feeling as if you were reading a manga in the palms of your hands. This is something similar to the interactive part of the Digital Graphic Novel mind probe. As for the work: the internal staff create the layouts, they then hand it to Mr. Ashley Wood, and he comes back to adjust it. Then the process is repeated.

Isn’t that a considerable amount of work? It seems tough.

Yes. I think this has the most amount of artwork in the series. This time round, I had the feeling I was continuously drawing. I drew the faces of the Mother Base soldiers. The team of 3 were split, and we drew a total of 300 people. If you trade with your friends wisely, almost all your soldiers in Mother Base will have totally different faces.

Speaking of faces, you’ve previously said that you find drawing faces of middle-aged men fun. Could you elaborate?

Middle-aged men are always fun to draw (laughs). This time, I decide on a concept color for every character, and I have put in a structure to appeal to the user’s psyche. That’s how I draw them and really I enjoyed it.

How about the young girl, Paz?

Paz is conversely… difficult. In order for the polygon model to look cute, we make sure that the shadowing isn’t intense and it took alot of people to do that. There was also a lot of staff committed to the task, and the amount of polygons used for Paz were equally so. Her hair itself is comparable to 4 enemy soldiers (laughs). Immediately following MGS4, Kojima said “[I want to] create PS3-level graphics on the PSP”. There was already a theme set. First of all, making high-res characters, and following that, drop it to a lower polygon count.

I see. So it becomes clean then…?

The hi-res scenes are created similar to MGS4. If the polygon count is low, the silhouette becomes important. A small 1mm shift can totally change the impression of the silhouette. Having supervised since the first MGS, it felt nostalgic and I enjoyed it.

What about the A.I. enemies?

While drawing the A.I. weapons, we got to play with it for a while; we thought of the design of the enemies together and then we added things. Then, we designed how the A.I. weapons’ parts are stolen and the weapons are used by the player to make their own weapon. It feels like combining various plastic models and making a new one entirely. In the end, I think we had a creation that I haven’t had until now.

Each having individual characteristics?

Yes. As for Chrysalis — despite being technically impossible at that time — I wanted to give it a 1970′s science-fiction feel. Cocoon, in the other hand, is a dinosaur tank. This time we talked a lot about the background research, and it was interesting… though, it was a little too spread out, I thought. But we focused our efforts on an enjoyable playing experience.

What about the armored vehicles and tanks?

Contrary to the A.I. Enemies, we collaborated with the mecha team to reproduce the real thing as much as possible. However, if you only have science fiction AI weapons style, the feeling of reality becomes thin. Therefore, we added these types of real weapon and they are expected to bring out the realism.

Finally, do you have a few words to say to the fans reading this?

Even though we made this as a staff, I enjoyed this piece of work myself, and I hope everyone is satisfied with what they play. To those interested in the work of Metal Gear: if you’re hesitating to play a game with a magnificent view of the world, invite a friend and play together — I hope that will resolve all your doubts about the game. By all means, please take the opportunity to play this game. If you appreciate the artist demo, I’ll be very pleased.

Source: Famitsu magazine: (Both scans are inside)